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My latest flight location:

Missoula, MT

46°51'36"N, 113°59'01"W

About Eric

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I'm co-founder and Director of Aviation Technology at Skyward, A Verizon company.  I lead the team bringing LTE & 5G to aviation, providing the communications infrastructure critical for the future of air traffic management. I leverage a background in agile product management at Skyward and systems engineering for NASA and Sikorsky contractors, as well as an MBA, to design and execute key strategic advances for Skyward and Verizon.  

Prior to moving over to Skyward full time, I worked as a management consultant installing a next generation outage response system for an electric utility. I earned my MBA from the University of Oregon with a focus in Sustainable Business Practices. When not contributing directly to Skyward I travel the pacific northwest with my wife looking for the best camping spots, drone shots, and donuts. As native Kentuckians we're die hard UK fans with specific opinions about when and where "y'all" should be used. Our adventures together are chronicled at theringers.co. Visit theringers.co for full stories of our journeys and favorite eats. This website features my own photography with a bias toward the aerial perspective.


Favorite Flight

Hidden Lake, WA


Late Fall


47°49'13" N 120°48'46" W

It’s easy to get caught up in a finite game when your feet are on the ground. But when you shift your perspective to the air, the lines you thought you had to play within fall away and you see the infinite game.